Sarah Gayle Meech

Nashville based country artist, Sarah Gayle Meech is blazing a trail of her own, one that the founding fathers of Country Music would have been proud of. Having lived in Tennessee for only five years she successfully blends the city’s nature, spirit and seasons into a beautifully unforgiving soundscape. Drawing inspiration and hailing from Longview Washington, she was surrounded by evergreens, small towns and people with grit, themes that surface often in her songwriting. After moving to Los Angeles for ten years she honed her writing skills and decided to put down roots
in Nashville.
Her first album, One Good Thing, (released August 2012 ) was well received by fans and critics. said “One Good Thing is country through and through, piercing the breastplate of honky tonk with an adrenaline shot right to its heart.” Since that release she began residencies at the famed Robert’s Western World and Layla’s Bluegrass Inn on Nashville’s lower Broadway.
Her latest album Tennessee Love Song was produced by Meech and Andy Gibson (known for being Hank Williams III steel and dobro player). Sarah Gayle explores themes of love, heartache, loss and loneliness, achieving a perfect balance that truly exemplifies her character. Meech says she drew inspiration from personal experiences, Southern Gothic literature, and “...all the crazy weather and beautiful landscapes in Tennessee.” She comments on Tennessee Love Song, “I made it exactly how I wanted to. I had a vision, and was able to bring it to life. I wrote every song, co- produced it, and handpicked the players." She says that she was always intrigued by Tennessee’s history and spiritual energy, with her musical influences being “. . . literally, all over the place. At the time I was listening to Glenn Campbell, Carole King, Don Williams, Faces, Merle Haggard, Neko Case, Johnny Lee, Aretha Franklin, America, Tammy Wynette, Dwight Yoakum...too many to name. I love and am inspired by so many different artists.”
As her popularity rises, so do her achievements. She has songs and performances featured on ABC’s Nashville, CMT, The Travel Channel, FX’s hit TV series Justified, frequent airplay on SiriusXM’s Outlaw Country, won the 2015 Ameripolitan Award for Best Outlaw Female, and has toured extensively in the US and internationally.