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How to pick a room

We know you’re sailing with us to cut a rug with your favorite bands out at sea, but what about everything else? You’ll be on a cruise after all – and we can’t deny there are a lot more details to figure out than you would normally need to know for your typical music festival. Fortunately, this quick rundown should help you figure out some of the basics so you can focus on the fun stuff – like the music!

First thing's first -- learn how to choose your stateroom! After you've read this important info, view our Staterooms to become familiar with all available stateroom types you'll have to choose from.




  • All staterooms within any given stateroom type will be approximately the same size, regardless of which deck they're on. (Ex. All interiors are the same size, whether they’re on Deck 5 or Deck 10.)
  • If you are sensitive to motion sickness, go for a mid-ship stateroom that’s on the lower decks of the ship. The closer you can get to the ship's center of gravity, the less you’ll feel any swaying.
  • Most stateroom types have a standard size and a slightly larger size that has been modified to be wheelchair accessible. These modified staterooms are reserved in our booking system for guests who primarily use a wheelchair, and are not sold as part of our online inventory. They will have wider doorways and the bathrooms will also have modifications to make them easier to maneuver inside. If you need a wheelchair accessible stateroom, please CALL US when you’re ready to book and we’ll be happy to let you know which stateroom types are available. Read more about onboard accessibility.
  • Smoking is not permitted inside of staterooms. Please do not smoke in your room, or you will be subject to a hefty cleaning fee. There are designated public smoking areas on a few outside decks throughout the ship as well as in the Casino during active gameplay. You can also review the full smoking policy.
  • All rooms contain a TV, vanity area with stool and mirror, at least one standard US plug, a closet with some drawers, an area to hang clothing, a safe, a hair dryer, and a mini-fridge.
  • All rooms contain a private bathroom with a shower, sink/mirror, and toilet.
  • No matter what stateroom you choose, you’ll have access to all general admission shows on board! 
  • Stateroom selection is completely subjective. For example, while some guests prefer to have a window or balcony for a source of natural light, others prefer an interior stateroom for the exact opposite reason. There's no such thing as a "bad" type of stateroom on the ship - but it's important to find one with the right amenities you're looking for and one that will meet your expectations once you've boarded.
  • Many of the stateroom types can fit up to four guests. The prices per person are much cheaper if you go this route. If you're planning on traveling with more than two people in your room, make sure you check out the sleeping arrangements for your third and fourth guests. 

Still have questions? Check out our full list of FAQs or chat with one of our Guest Services ninjas via Live Chat or at 844-725-2668!